TINCE 2016

Next year the 3rd edition of TINCE (International conference on Technological Innovations in Nuclear Civil Engineering)

will be held in the very heart of Paris from the 5th to the 9th of September 2016.

This will be the place to share the most innovative and advanced technologies that are applicable to the outstanding structures of the nuclear sites.

Indeed the nuclear industry is one of the most challenging environments for civil structures, due the most stringent hazards and requirements that it assumes and due to the fact that this leads to the highest level of complexity in term of durability, constructability and sustainable design. Therefore this conference is a rare place where academics and industrials can find opportunities for applications and collaborations.

The broad scope of the conference dealing with every domain of civil engineering, and the diversity of the attendance of the previous editions (researchers and practitioners) will give you the insurance of finding a place to share your latest research or industrial application.